The Tale o Tod Lapraik

Robert Louis Stevenson’s horror story The Tale o Tod Lapraik is a masterpiece of prose written in the Scots language. Scots Hoose is delighted to present Gary Welsh’s world-class artwork in this exciting new comic version of Stevenson’s classic story of suspense and cruelty set in the Firth of Forth on the mysterious Bass Rock.





Jamie's on lockdoon at Grunny Buchan's hoose. Grunny's feedin him fish that mak him boke and his phone's run oot o data. He could be there for weeks. Doric writer Shane Strachan explores the new world Jamie and his grunny have to face together in the first short story in Scots aboot the Covid-19 crisis.

Oh, ye canna shove yer granny aff a bus. Unless it’s yer daddy’s mammy. Then push push.

I’ve been stuck wi ma Grunny for a wik noo and she’s aaready gien ma a curn o reasons tae shove her aff a double decker at high speed.

   Hoast by Shane Strachan - short story

    Hoast read by Shane Strachan (9.3 Mb)

An Alien Feeling

Anna Stewart's powerful short story about a woman whose dog is abducted by aliens and nobody believes her - especially her violent husband. The themes of loss, exclusion and abuse are explored in Anna Stewart's compelling story in Scots.

"Are yi gonnae tell them aboot the aliens Lynne?"

They all laugh. It hurts, him saying that in front o his pals, when I told him in confidence, and I only told him because it wis true. It wis a few weeks ago now, and if it had been someone else I suppose I’d laugh the same, but it’s no something yi forget, and I find it hard tae see the funny side. It’s strange coz sometimes I’d ask tae be taken away . . .

  An Alien Feeling by Anna Stewart