COMPETITION Writing a Horror or Ghost Story in Scots

Oor Horror and Ghost Story in Scots competition 2021 has a winner - Lily Matthews, a pupil at Grove Academy, Dundee. For full details o oor other prizewinners, please check oot the Competition Results. And tae read the winning story and stories by oor runners up, please click on Winning Stories.  We were delighted by aw the spooky scunnersome stories we received fae pupils aw ower Scotland. Oor thanks tae oor braw judges, Shane Strachan and Anna Stewart. Tae the many teachers and parents for their support. And tae aw the brilliant talented young Scots writers that took pairt in oor competition.

Competition Results

Winning Stories

Writing tips for horror and ghost stories in Scots


Scots Write It Doon

Before starting creative writing in Scots, write down as many Scots words as you can. This resource is packed with Scots words to help you build up your own vocabulary and confidence with the language.

  Scots Write It Doon - PowerPoint (80 Kb)

Write a story or poem in Scots

Stuck? Got Scots writer's block? Use this series of easy to do exercises to unleash your talent for writing in the Scots language.

  Write a story or poem in Scots - PowerPoint (140 Kb)

Scots Words for Creative Writers

Lots of Scots words to choose from and use to improve your creative writing in Scots.

  Scots Words for Creative Writers - Word (30 Kb)

  Scots Words for Creative Writers - Pdf (14 Kb)