Fair Helen o Kirkconnel

A dramatic film inspired by the Scots ballad Fair Helen o Kirkconnel performed by singer songwriter Emily Smith. Based on a true story, filmmaker David Kotrba captures the powerful narrative of jealousy, revenge and eternal love.

  Fair Helen o Kirkconnel - lyrics

   Are Ye Sleepin, Maggie?

A new Scots Hoose film of the love song Are Ye Sleepin, Maggie? written by Scots poet Robert Tannahill. Performed by Dougie MacLean and produced by filmmaker David Kotrba, this film is a celebration of Robert Tannahill’s rich Scots language and his world-class lyric poetry.

  Are Ye Sleepin, Maggie? - lyrics

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The Twa Corbies 

A new film of the old Scots ballad The Twa Corbies featuring Alastair McDonald. Beautifully captured by film director David Kotrba, this film from Scots Hoose is a unique opportunity to reflect on the meaning of this timeless Scots poem.

   The Twa Corbies - text



The Braes o Gleniffer

Robert Tannahill’s poem and song inspired by the Gleniffer Braes near Paisley in Renfrewshire. Acclaimed Scots singer Iona Fyfe performs Tannahill’s words revealing the beauty of the changing seasons and the raw emotion of lovers parted by war.

The Braes o Gleniffer - lyrics


The Smoky Smirr o Rain

Gerda Stevenson sings George Campbell Hay’s poem ‘The Smoky Smirr o Rain’. The poet’s remarkable evocation of the Scottish weather and landscape is made all the more hauntingly beautiful by Gerda Stevenson’s rich Scots voice.

The Smoky Smirr o Rain - lyrics