Spooky Scots Halloween

Bogles! Warlocks! Carlines! Celebrate Halloween with some really spooky Scots words. This activity with examples and support materials will develop pupils’ Scots vocabulary and can provide an engaging colourful way of including the Scots language in Halloween festivities.

  Spooky Scots Halloween - Word file (380 Kb)

  Spooky Scots Halloween - PdF file (320 Kb)

The Twal Days o Yule Tide 

Write a Christmas song in Scots for the festive season. Based on the traditional song The Twelve Days of Christmas, this activity challenges pupils to learn new Scots words and to use nouns, adjectives and verbs. Includes examples and support materials. 

  The Twal Days o Yule Tide - Words file (160 Kb)

  The Twal Days o Yule Tide - Pdf file (150 Kb)



Scots Languages Calendar

Create a language calendar using Scots and other modern languages from around the world. An engaging activity which gives pupils more confidence with Scots and helps them expand their awareness and knowledge of languages.

  Scots Languages Calendar - PowerPoint (170 Kb)