Wee Jock Cocksparra

Wee Jock Cocksparra is a delightful cheery Scots song. Join in with Alastair McDonald as he sings about the life of this cheeky wee birdie. See what our Wee Jock Cocksparra gets up to in this Scots Hoose video brilliantly drawn and animated by comic artist Anna Morozova.

Wee Jock Cocksparra - lyrics



The Tod

The Tod is a lively Scots song about a gallus fox on a night raid to a local farm. Sing along to Alastair McDonald’s braw version of this song. And enjoy the amazing animation inspired by The Tod and made with dedication and hard work by the talented pupils in Primary 4 and Primary 5 at Fyvie Primary School, Aberdeenshire.

  The Tod - lyrics


Hey Johnnie Cope

Following the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745, Adam Skirving wrote these words about the General Sir John Cope. Here they are read by the pupils of Prestonpans Primary School who also re-enact the famous battle (complete with a Highland Charge) in the school playground.

   Hey Johnnie Cope text

Listen to Hey Johnnie Cope here

The Boy and the Bunnet

The Boy and the Bunnet is a musical adventure story in Scots. It is the tale of a young laddie called Neil who bides in a wee white hoose and his friends the sleekit Selkie and the crabbit Craw.

This fantastic resource is a braw way to learn about Scots language and Scottish traditional music. The Boy and the Bunnet, written by James Robertson and composed by James Ross, includes an animation, videos and learning activities.