Eejit Street

Scots Hoose and Dekko Comics have been having hunners o fun creating a brand new comic in Scots for our readers. Eejit Street is hotchin wi daft and doitit characters up to all sorts of glaikit, goofy things. You’ll meet Belle o the Baw who cannae stop playing fitbaw, Captain Clart who’s 100% mingin, Max Bampot who’s a bampot and lots of other great characters.

Scripted by tap writers Thomas Clark and Gregor Steele and drawn by the brilliant artists at Dekko Comics, Eejit Street is a full-on, full-colour feast o Scots language stories and silliness. Enjoy.

Eejit Street
colour comic pdf
(13 Mb)

 Eejit Street
grayscale comic pdf
(3 Mb)

 The Scots Hoose Christmas Story in Scots

Joseph and Mary are gonnae hae a bairnie but they can find nae room at the inn. Sae in a byre in Bethlehem, the baby Jesus is born.

Scots Hoose is delighted to share oor version of the Christmas Story in Scots, perfectly illustrated by comic artist Gary Welsh. This timeless bible story told in Scots is a braw new reading and learning resource for the festive season.

Christmas Story Colour PDF (36 Mb)    Christmas Story B&W PDF (7 Mb)

 Favourite Scots Poems

Scots Hoose has teamed up with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to bring you films of our Favourite Scots Poems like
The Crocodile by JK Annand and Mrs Nae Offence by Gregor Steele

Not sure how to say the Scots words? Need some tips for reciting a Scots poem for a school concert or competition? Let Brian, Ewan, Marissa, John and Katya show you how it’s done.

Watch videos of brilliant young actors performing your Favourite Scots Poems on the new Scots Hoose Primary website.

Dinnae Mak Me Laugh

Funny. Silly. Pure dead glaikit. Dinnae Mak Me Laugh is a braw collection of hilarious new Scots poems written by Gregor Steele and a whole bourach of other amazing Scots poets.

Do you ken how to get into the Eejits Club? Why are nae pets allowed? What do you keep up your jouk? What will happen when squirrels tak ower the warld? Is Mrs Nae Offence still her cheery old self in 2021?

Giggle, keckle and faw aboot at the wonderfully daft poems in Dinnae Mak Me Laugh, all brought to colourful life with witty illustrations by the talented Dylan Gibson.

  Dinnae Mak Me Laugh Full Colour PDF

 Dinnae Mak Me Laugh  Black & White PDF

Listen to audio versions of all the poems here


Bad Broonie

Jack and Ella are just two ordinary pupils at Pigplooks High - but Bad Broonie's oot tae get them. How far will Bad Broonie go to get rid of Jack and Ella? Find out in Catriona Laird's brilliant new Scots comic.

Specially commissioned for Scots Hoose, Bad Broonie is the first resource of its kind for schools. Download the full comic and enjoy this exciting new way of reading Scots in class.

 Bad Broonie - full comic



Watch author Susi Briggs tell you aw aboot a funny dug called Shug. This musical dog loves singing but when he sings on the nicht o a full moon, he wakes up the whole hoose. Everybody tells him to hold his wheesht but where is his wheesht? He doesnae ken. Will Shug ever find oot what his wheesht is? And more importantly, is he gonnae haud it?

  Wheesht! - text