Bad Broonie

Jack and Ella are just two ordinary pupils at Pigplooks High - but Bad Broonie's oot tae get them. How far will Bad Broonie go to get rid of Jack and Ella? Find out in Catriona Laird's brilliant new Scots comic.

Specially commissioned for Scots Hoose, Bad Broonie is the first resource of its kind for schools. Download the full comic and enjoy this exciting new way of reading Scots in class.

 Bad Broonie - full comic



Watch author Susi Briggs tell you aw aboot a funny dug called Shug. This musical dog loves singing but when he sings on the nicht o a full moon, he wakes up the whole hoose. Everybody tells him to hold his wheesht but where is his wheesht? He doesnae ken. Will Shug ever find oot what his wheesht is? And more importantly, is he gonnae haud it?

  Wheesht! - text


Scots Poems Tae Read Aloud

A rich selection of poems in Scots for performance and enjoyment, featuring The Magic Pizza, The Boy in the Train, The Auld Broon Troot, Crocodile, Street Talk, Nessie and Fireworks Aff the Castle.

Open Scots Poems link here