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Pupils across Scotland have been busy creating hunners of weird and wonderful Scunners. They’ve been writing some great stories in Scots too. Here are some of the best ones for you to enjoy. Thanks to the parents, grandparents and teachers for sending these in.

Captain Haar

Named efter the sea fog (haar).

He wid send an awfie chitter through yer banes if he gave you a fleg.

He wis sleekit and foostie, his skin peeliewally. You’d hear his stick chap as he crept up on ye wi his dirk.

When Captain Haar wis a bairn, he wisna awfie pally. The other bairns didnae like him because he wis crabbit and foostie.

When he wis aulder, his da took him on a ship tae hunt for treasure. A canon baw hit the ship’s deck and knocked oot his da. Haar wis washed ashore while his da droont . . .

Abbi Buchan, P6, St Mary’s PS, West Lothian



Tattiebogle is a scunner.

Tattiebogle is a frichtenin scarecrow.

 He bides in the countryside.

 He appears like a ghaist and frichtens folk who walk on his land.

Jack Lee, P6, Pentland PS, Edinburgh


Wee Auld Googs

He has eyebrows pointing doon as if he was angry. He likes tae munch on bairns and animals. He has flies on him and specs like Harry Potter’s. He has a pointy neb wi a bogie comin oot. He has a cloud shaped body and a snarly mooth wae yellow teeth. He is staundin in mud. He has reid beady een wae black veins comin oot. He has a grey beard and yin purple strand for his hair.

As you can tell, he’s no very braw.

Naomi Tant, P6, Pentland PS, Edinburgh


Muckle Mooth Face

Muckle Mooth Face

This is ma scunner.

Muckle Mooth means big mouth.

He is aw covered in poison and he eats people.

His stomach acid is that strang he can break up a car in his belly and everything inside!

His belly is transparent so ye can see the folk he has eaten stertin tae dissolve!

Alasdair MacPherson, P6, Pentland PS, Edinburgh



Siren Heid

Siren Heid is a scunner.

 He has twa muckle sirens on his heid. 

 He ripped his skin oot so noo you can see his hert and ribs.

 He is a hunner fit tall. 

 Morten, Pentland PS, Edinburgh                                                                                       

Reid Cloon

The story o the Reid Cloon happened oan a stormy nicht in a mirk and dodgy vennel whaur he wis traivellin hame fae his joab at the circus.

A fire suddenly erupted intae flames and the cloon disappeared and the vennel he wis in disappeared and aw.

And noo the Reid Cloon patrols the toon keekin for bluid.

Lucy Jowett, P6 Pentland Primary School, Edinburgh