English Excellence Group Report
The Scots language features strongly as an integral and developing component in this important report on current and future provision for the teaching of language and literature in Scotland.
 English Excellence Group Report (2011)

National Survey of Teachers' Attitudes towards Scots

Report was conducted by the Research Group of the Education Sub-Committee. The first Survey to ask teachers and other education professionals for their views on Scots.

CPG's National Survery of Teachers' Attituedes towards Scots
Third (2010) European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages Report on UK
 The influential Council of Europe's third report on the UK's treatment of indigenous languages including provision for the Scots language in education.
  Third (2010) ECRML Report on UK

Scots: The View from Falkirk Schools
Questionnaire and responses to Scots in Education from Scotland's first local authority network of Scots Language Coordinators.
  Scots: View from Falkirk Schools

 Report on Public Attitudes Towards the Scots Language
Scottish Government's study providing a broad overview of perceptions of the Scots language and attitudes towards it, and measuring behaviours and expectations of its use in Scotland today (2010).
Public Attitudes Towards the Scots Language (265 Kb download)
Scots Language and Literature Research Project 
Research by Cecilia Craig 
A comparative analysis of the use of Scots language and literature in selected primary and secondary schools in Aberdeenshire (2006–2008/2009) 
For more information email:

 Scots Language Project - Research by Cecilia Craig (149 Kb download)
Report on Scots Language Conference 
Report of the Scottish Government's conference on the Scots language held at the University of Stirling on 9 February 2009. Report includes the conference agenda, slides from the main presentations, notes from the breakout discussion groups, a copy of the provision reporting form and a list of attendees.
 Report on Scots Language Conference (1.00 Mb download)

Third Periodical Report (UK) ECRML 
 European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages - Third periodical report presented to the Council of Europe by the United Kingdom.
 Third Periodical Report (UK) ECRML (2.02 Mb download)

Supporting Teacher and School Engagement with Literature and Learning within a Curriculum for Excellence Framework
University of Glasgow research on awareness of and use by schools of Scots Language and other arts organisations.
 Supporting Teachers and School Engagement (1.20 Mb download)

The Scottish Government’s Audit of Current Scots Language Provision in Scotland
The findings of the Scottish Government’s research into provision for Scots in education and other aspects of Scottish life.
Audit of Current Scots Language Provision in Scotland (920 Kb download)

Language at Letham Primary School
A Literature in Learning report on a year of monitoring the Scots Language in a West Lothian school.
 Language at Letham Primary School (402 Kb download)

Learning to Read a New Culture
Professor J. McGonigal’s and Dr E. Arizpe’s investigation into how immigrant and asylum-seeking children experience Scottish identity at school.
 Learning to Read a New Culture (1.2 Mb download) 

Shetland Report on Early Learning 
Survey of current status of Shetland dialect within nursery classes and partner providers.
 Shetland Report on Early Learning (245 Kb download)

Coulter PS Report
Report commissioned by South Lanarkshire Education into the implications of Scots Language learning on pupil attainment and self-esteem.
 Coulter PS Report (134 Kb download)