CPG's National Survey of Teachers' Attitudes towards Scots

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From April to October 2010, over 200 teachers and other education professionals responded to a questionnaire asking about their attitudes to the teaching of the Scots language in schools and CfE. This is the Report based on that survey. Its aim is to provide Ministers, MSPs, education bodies and the profession as a whole with a snapshot of the experiences, concerns and aspirations of Scotland’s teachers regarding the Scots language.

Key Requirements

Teachers identified three main areas where support is urgently needed in order to deliver effective Scots language learning within CfE:

More Scots language training

More Scots language teaching resources

A higher status for Scots language within Curriculum for Excellence

Key Recommendations

The findings of this first-ever survey of Teachers’ Attitudes towards Scots reveal that many teachers believe the Scots language is an important part of their teaching practice but that training opportunities and teaching resources are inadequate.

In order to support teachers committed to developing Scots language learning in their teaching practice and within CfE, the Scottish Government at the very least should commit:

to providing and co-ordinating a broad range of high quality Scots language CPD training;

to ensuring the provision of contemporary, accessible and relevant Scots language resources including on-line materials;

to visibly supporting the Scots language in Curriculum for Excellence at all levels.