Sharleen: Ah'm Shy

Janet Paisley's famous poem about coming of age portrayed beautifully by Helen Mallon. Shot by filmmaker Douglas King, this film brings the perfectly written character of the half shy, half gallus Sharleen to a whole new generation.

Sharleen: Ah'm Shy

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Auchtermichty Aw-Stars versus the Warld!

Hamish Heidthebaw and Tamsin Taebash and rest of the team are ready to win their 223rd game in a row. But their coach has accidentally set up a match with a bunch of robots. Auchtermichty Aw-Stars take on the toughest team in the universe in Thomas Clark's brilliant new fitba comedy.   

BILLY: Och, Fiona. That’s awricht for wee diddy teams like Barcelona. But we’re no maist fitba teams. We’re the Auchtermichty Aw-Stars!

(The cheers fae the rest o the team near enough blaw the roof aff the hale chyngin room.)

BILLY: Six times champions o the Invercludgie District League! Five time winners o the Scottish Youth Cup! The greatest youth team ever tae kick a baw!

Auchtermichty Aw-Stars versus the Warld! (57 Kb)

An Alien Feeling

Anna Stewart's powerful short story about a woman whose dog is abducted by aliens and nobody believes her - especially her violent husband. The themes of loss, exclusion and abuse are explored in Anna Stewart's compelling story in Scots.

"Are yi gonnae tell them aboot the aliens Lynne?"

They all laugh. It hurts, him saying that in front o his pals, when I told him in confidence, and I only told him because it wis true. It wis a few weeks ago now, and if it had been someone else I suppose I’d laugh the same, but it’s no something yi forget, and I find it hard tae see the funny side. It’s strange coz sometimes I’d ask tae be taken away . . .

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Nae Day Sae Dark 

William Soutar's haunting poem Nae Day Sae Dark was the inspiration for a sculpture in Perth High Street This poetry film made by St John'sAcademy, Perth and read by Millie McIntyre celebrates the bond between William Soutar and his native city.

  Nae Day Sae Dark - text (8 Kb)